About us

Hi!  Thanks for dropping by and wanting to know a little more about, um…us? (hehe)  First off, let us introduce ourselves!  Our names are Feng and Jenn.

We are 30-somethings who found each other on an online dating site and have been at each other’s sides (throats!) ever since, for the past 4 years in fact.   

Our relationship evolved quickly as we moved into our first home together in Leaside, ON and even bought our first pet, “Cheeky” a female cockatiel with a feisty attitude!

Somehow, despite Feng’s cheapness (err…frugality) and Jenn’s spoiled lifestyle (…preference for the finer things in life), we both compromised and agreed to dip our toes into the unfamiliar world of personal finance with a mutual goal of saving for our future.  

Well, we started off at square one with a monthly budget and haven’t looked back since!

Please feel free to follow us as we learn from our mistakes and offer tips to make sure you don’t make the same ones we did.  

As we navigate through life’s many twists and turns, a few things will always remain constant: our sense of humour, willingness to better ourselves, and our love for each other!