How We Spent $1,000 Over Budget, And Why We’re Still Okay With It!

About a month has passed since we posted our October 2016 household expenses for the very first time.

“Wait, what?  It’s February.” 

So realistically, you’ve been kept in the dark about our finances for (counting fingers), three whole months now!

“What kind of so-called personal finance blogger does this guy think he is?”

I apologize—I’ve been, um, blogging.

Anyways, without further ado, here are some attractive colours and eye-pleasing circles!


NOVEMBER 2016 EXPENSES ($1,994.20)


DECEMBER 2016 EXPENSES ($1,999.54)


JANUARY 2017 EXPENSES ($3,069.34)

I admit, this is me being lazy.  Don’t judge me.  Ever.

As you may have noticed, January was quite the extravagant month!

Despite hosting a baby shower, surviving Christmas with the in-laws (Ho! Ho! Ho!), and eating out a lot more than anticipated, Jennifer and I still managed to keep our expenses for November and December just under $2,000—respectively.  Not too shabby, right?

So what happened in January?  

Did we just decide to make YOLO (You Only Live Once) our personal mantra for 2017 and start chanting it as we burned our money with a flamethrower?  

Not quite.  

Although that scenario would have made for some pretty epic profile pics, January was more the month of “unexpected expenditures”.

All jokes aside, this is why we keep a detailed list of our expenses to begin with; to help us dig deeper into the numbers if necessary.

Let’s start with January’s Miscellaneous, as it was a whopping $783.52!  Here are some amounts that stood out:

  • $500—Grand Am Door Repair
  • $99.33—Days Inn
  • $63.25—Baby Shower Gift

So right off the bat we know where almost 85% of the money was spent!  

Sadly, I reversed the passenger door of our car into a snowbank before Jennifer had a chance to shut it completely.  Feeling guilty, I took on a side job taping drywall with a friend to help cover the costs.  (She still uses this accident like an ace up her sleeve from time to time; bless her heart!)

My younger brother also enlisted in the military, and a solitary nights rest at a hotel was a going away present for him before shipping off to basic training.  (Emphasis on solitary!)

Women.  Baby.  Gifts.  Self-explanatory.  

Moving right along, our next biggest expense was Detroit Shopping at $452.43.

Now would be the perfect time to confess that the $452.43 actually needs a (USD) after it! 

Let me explain.

A while back, I overpaid a US Dollar Visa Card and wasn’t sure how to transfer the funds back into my account.  So I decided to spend it.  

You’re judging again.  Stop.  (If anybody knows of a more economic solution, please feel free to educate/ridicule me!)  

So off to Detroit we drove, shopping for deals at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. 

Let me just clarify that we still put money aside for January.  If we really had to tighten our belts, I would’ve looked much harder into seeing if getting the overpayment back was doable.  Regardless, going on a shopping spree would’ve been completely out of the question!

That being said, we still tracked our spending and the trip was a much needed break from the workweek for both of us.

Transportation & Gas was a little higher than usual at $364.17.  This can be attributed to the extra fuel needed for the Detroit trip as well as:

  • $60—TTC Tokens
  • $59.75—Oil Change

Lastly, an annual checkup at the Veterinarian for our prima donna cockatiel “Cheeky” cost us $148.25, which also included:

  • $25.53—Shower Perch
  • $17.63—Styptic Powder

Although we spent over $1,000 more than any of our previous monthly expenses, the $450 I earned on the side really helped balance the bottom line.  All in all, we weren’t devastated by the numbers, but still promised to make an extra effort to cut back in February.

I hope by posting our monthly expenses and demonstrating the importance of keeping a detailed record of the little things, it’ll help keep all of us accountable to continue saving and budgeting!


What’s that girl?  Timmy’s in the well?


Ladies and gentlemen…Cheeky!



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